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The Invizimals Hacking Challenge is a suite of mini games developed in order to promote the PS Vita title Invizimals: The Resistance. I worked on this set of games as part of my employment at Plug-in Media.

The narrative of the game is set around counter-hacking your mainframe, which has been taken over by the villain, Mr. Black! To do this, you must complete six levels of mini game challenges to activate the nodes. I was part of the team that designed the puzzle mechanics, and I designed the final puzzles presented in the game.

The Puzzles

The first and second levels contain six plumbing-style minigames, where you must divert a current through pipes so that it reaches the nodes. Some pipes act as splitters, meaning you must split the current in order to light up all the nodes. I designed the starting and solution positions for these pipes, and learned to present paths that might lead the player one way when a pipe is connected, but occasionally lead them away from the solution. I apologise, I took this principle a little too far in the final level.



The third and fourth levels have a similar principle, the current must be led from the source to the node, but this time by bouncing it off of a series of mirrors. Again, I approached the design of these levels similarly, attempting to lead the player along a certain path. The great thing about this version of the game is that the beams can cross over each other, giving lots of opportunity for creative level design.



The final two levels feature an ‘untangling’ minigame – the currents connecting the nodes must be placed over their correct paths. The node float freely on the screen and must be skillfully placed in the correct slot so as all the paths light up. Here, I mostly had fun with intersecting and adjoining triangles, as I found having too many currents attached to one node made the level difficult for the player to ‘read’.


These games are still online and can be played on Sony’s Invizimals website.

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