Star Dash Studios

Star Dash Studios LevelStar Dash Studios is an infinite runner designed to improve teenagers’ and young adults’ math skills. I worked on this project as part of my employment at Plug-in Media.

This was one of my first level design tasks for the company, I had great fun using Unity 3D to design challenging three-lane “Subway Surfer” style levels segments for the player to run down. These level segments are pulled in at random from a bank, and are interspersed with minigames to test the player’s math skills. The game becomes tricker as the player speeds up, and level segments are grouped into “easy” “medium” and “hard” difficulties – appropriate random segments are served to the player based on their performance.

Our senior artist designed the obstacles, and did a great job adding arrows to help the player read the level. I learned to leave lots of empty space to read the level ahead and to hint at possible paths by using groups of coin trails. I also added patterns and repetition inside each segment, as learning and copying patterns was part of the mathematics curriculum.

In my role as production assistant, I also covered the project manager during the QA and delivery phase of the project, working with an external team in a Jira database to resolve issues and deliver on schedule.

I also took the role of musician and sound designer on this project, writing a main theme that was transposed to spoof different film score styles including sci-fi, horror and film noire.

Download the game on Android or iOS and see for yourself!

Western Themed area in Star Dash Studios

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