Block Stock Solo

A Backwards Brick Breaker. Reverse Arkanoid. Breakout but you play as the Blocks.

“The best reverse Arkanoid game you’ll play all year!””

Block Stock Solo is a Backwards-Block-Breaker where you have to protect your target from being destroyed by placing blocks on the screen to defend from the ball. Each level has a different block formation with some areas where blocks can’t be placed!

This was the second game I released, a follow-up to Block Stock. In making my two player game single player, I had a few design challenges – namely how the player can ‘win’ a level! I pitted the player against the natural enemy of the block – the paddle! Each hit against the paddle scores the player points. Points unlock levels, and scoring 100 points kills the paddle!

I’m proud of this game, I managed to release a sequel to my first! I’d love to update it with a clearer user flow and tutorial since the reversing of the standard format can be confusing to new users. As I’ve grown as designer I have noticed a lot of silly decisions I made in this game that I would love to correct one day.


Block Stock

The first thing I put on the app store. A multiplayer version of Block Stock Solo, plays like a mash up of Pong and Arkanoid.

Block Stock was the first game I formally released. It is a two player competitive Brick Breaker where players must build a fortress of blocks to protect their target from the ball. As your opponent’s bricks are destroyed, your own supply of building bricks is increased, so the supply of bricks changes throughout the game. Great 2 player fun on an iPad.

Being the first thing I released, there are a lot of things I’d do differently now. The rules need to be simpler, and there ought to be a cooldown time on block building. I would also tighten up the art style and add more ‘juice’ and vfx.

As the first thing I released, I’m still really proud of the game and would love to release a new version one day with more streamlined gameplay. It taught me what it takes to take a game to the marketplace – and I still wanted to make another one!


Dot Spot

The three circles game: a game about three circles! This small twitchy game is a bit like juggling and a bit like spinning plates but most like touching circles to make them shrink. Download for android here.

Press the circles to make them shrink! You can only press one at a time, and they grow faster / shrink slower with each level. The idea was to make a game that’s like spinning plates, and you really get that feeling of panic and balance when you play it.

It’s another of my early early games – it needs more juice and currently has no audio. It works though, and it’s available for you to download as an .apk if you’d like to try it!


Ludum Dare

Here are a couple of the first games I ever made – mostly solo projects for Ludum Dare:

Dystopian Scratchcard Thriller


A scratchcard simulator for the theme “Beneath The Surface”. I was trying to learn about ‘drawing’ on images to distort and distract them. Story written by my patient and supportive friend Joe.

Minimalisim in Art and Music as a Game


The very first ‘game’ I put online, anywhere. There’s a puzzle in there, somewhere, but mostly it’s a little toy I made on the theme of minimalism. Maybe, one of these days, I’ll improve the graphics and tighten up the rules, etc etc…