Pun Driven Game Design: Square Rave

Time for another installment of my infrequent blog on pun driven game design. This time I turn the focus to Square Rave, an absolutely superb music game with a very punny title!

For those who don’t know, Square Rave is a game in which you must drag your finger across different coloured squares, and make sure your finger is in a blue square at the end of each bar of music. Sounds easy, but of course there is a twist in that you drop red squares behind you which block your path. Uhm… take a look:

So it’s a bit like Chime and a bit like Snake but not very much like either. It’s its own thing, and it is superb!

Enough about that, what about the pun? Well, Square Rave is a game that contains squares, dance music and square waves, so it’s pretty descriptive. The title of the game does not disclose the gameplay concept, but the user knows they are in for a music led square-party!

I asked, and this game’s was not completely driven by pun, though it’s art style and musical direction has clearly benefitted from it! The game is great pun and you can nab yourself a copy here (iOS)

Time for some arbitrary scores:

Game: 9/10
Pun: 9/10
Pun implementation: 7/10