About Me

I am a Game Designer living in Vancouver. This site hosts examples of my work.

Title icon from Paw Patrol gameProfessional Work

A portfolio of work done for clients such as Sesame Workshop, Nickelodeon, and the BBC. Most of my professional career has been spent making brilliant and occasionally award winning games for children, a niche that presents unique challenges and delivers amazing rewards. <more>


Last Mouse Standing ScreenshotUnprofessional Work

A portfolio of game jam entries and personal projects. Game jams are a great time to take an ‘anything goes’ approach to game design, and to make something quickly without worrying too much about the audience. Personal Projects are mostly the result of teaching myself to code. <more>


Scene from the 2017 Develop JamDev / Life Blog

Read my latest posts focusing on the design of my personal projects, experiences at game jams, and general events that are happening in my life. <more>





Here are some options if you want to get in touch!
Discord!  _Mikey#6704