A Quick Catch Up


A lot has happened since I last posted on my blog two years ago. My last post was to announce the arrival of Block Stock, a two player iPad game.

My objective with Block Stock was to learn more about games development and to find out more about the games industry. I wanted to learn the skills needed to bring a game to market and demonstrate them in order to get a job in videogames.

Try getting a creative job with no experience. It’s impossible. You have to make your own experience.

After Block Stock was released, I started applying for jobs, and because job applications are *boring*, I started work on Block Stock Solo – a one player iOS game with similar mechanics to Block Stock.

During the development of this game, I was offered a job at the BAFTA winning Plug-in Media. Of course I accepted – now I work with amazingly talented people making amazingly wonderful things. It actually pays me money too, unlike the market for local multiplayer iPad games. (Which are still the best iPad games).

Months after starting my flashy new job, Block Stock Solo was accidentally released. After that, I started working on my latest game, RememBear, which I am announcing tomorrow.

That last paragraph wasn’t the announcement. What is RememBear, I hear you ask?

You’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

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