Great grizzlies! It’s announcement time!

RememBear coming to iOS and Android, and it is coming VERY SOON!

In this game you command a platoon of Park Rangers, and must deploy them to catch a troop of sneaky bears who are intent on getting their hands on a delicious picnic in the centre of a park.

The bears appear briefly, and then you must remember their locations and flag their positions. Think whack-a-mole meets minesweeper, whilst being hunted by a bear.

Making errors can reduce the size of your platoon, whilst remembering 100% correctly increases it. As the bears move closer to the picnic, you’ll need every resource available!

Please take 30 seconds to watch our launch trailer (click on the grey box below), and consider following this blog for more information.


  • Fast-paced memory action!
  • Easy to pick-up and play
  • Beautifully illustrated by Faye Simms
  • Cartoon violence and
  • More bears than you can shake a picnic at!

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