The origins of RememBear are lost in mystery. They are happy that way, such as bears can be happily lost in a forest. Just like bears, the origins of the game can occasionally be spotted, examined, and remembered long enough for a blog post to be written on them.

I make quite a lot of game prototypes. Game design is my hobby, and so being bogged down with one idea for too long will make me cranky and fidgety. I am not unique. Like most developers, I have a folder full of prototypes that either didn’t work, required too much balancing, or were clearly just a reheash of 1987’s Skull Warriors 3. RememBear was just one of the projects which I was working on during my daily commute, but it had something that my other games didn’t have.

A fantastic name.

I’m proud of so many aspects of RememBear, but perhaps my favourite thing is still the name. RememBear. It tells you what to do, and what the game is called, and it’s a pun. If I were to take any game further, it would be this one.

RememBear is out today. I wonder whether it would have gotten this far if it wasn’t for the name. Around the same time I’ve been working on a tappy shooty thing, a pressy holdy thing and a game about a cat in a bubble floating inside the jaws of an infinite crocodile. I don’t have any great names for these, and I don’t see them coming to the app store any time soon.

Carrying a game through to release is a huge task. No, I mean HUGE. Motivation and discipline are attitudes that can be held with a tenuous grasp. Sometimes you need a unique idea. Sometimes you need some beautiful art. It seems all I need a really good pun.

RememBear is out today on iOS and Android

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