Operation Ouch: The Snotapocalypse

The Snotapocalypse is an infinite runner interspersed with minigames, designed to teach kids body facts with gross, childish humour. The game won Broadcast Digital’s “Best Game” award in 2016. I worked on this project as part of my employment at Plug-in Media.

I created game design documentation and wireframes for all eighteen minigames in this web game. I worked on the game flow that combines the running and minigame segments smoothly. I tested all areas of the game and fed back to the development team with regard to difficulty and pacing.

When the game came to be updated in 2017, I designed new level layouts for implementation into the game using Excel. We were asked to add teleporting and invincibility to the game, which was an opportunity to create mini ‘maze’ sections and experiment more with the level design. I think there is still more that can be done with these layouts, I’d love the opportunity to work on more content for this game!

As Production Assistant on the team I took responsibility for managing the project through the QA and delivery phase. I was responsible for managing the Jira database and communications between the development team and external testers.

I was also the sound designer and composer on the project. I composed a chip tune arrangement of the TV Show’s theme tune and created comical sound effects to support the action.

You can play the game on the CBBC Website by following this link.

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