Paw Patrol: Air and Sea Adventures

Paw Patrol Air and Sea Adventures PromoPaw Patrol Air and Sea Adventures is a trench running mobile game aimed at a preschool audience. This app reached #1 in the App Store in 94 countries. I worked on this game as part of my employment at Plug-in Media.

I was the level designer on this project and created over forty levels that run across four unique environments. My instructions were to make the designs easy to scale, so each level is comprised of reusable segments that can be arranged to create more levels quickly in the future. This approach also made it easy to identify and iterate on sections that were too difficult or not working.

Each level contains one ‘special object’ and up to five ‘badges’ that are required to progress through the game. Aside from the speed boost badge, which has a practical application, each badge and special object is framed in the environment to call attention to it and encourage children to collect it. This causes the pup to execute a special move and looks superb in this bespoke area of the level.

Likewise, the collectable ‘bones’ are laid out to show an easy path through the level. In some later levels this rule is broken in order to challenge older children to collect all of the bones!

I also project managed the Christmas Update that added underwater levels, dynamic lighting and a customer service SDK into the app.


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