Bleat The Wolf

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We made this game for Resist Jam, a game jam that sought to unite game makers in a stand against fascism: to create games exploring issues around civil rights, freedom of expression and resisting the abuse of power.

Bleat the wolf is a political simulator set in a meadow. You must choose a policy from a list in order to woo the sheep over to your side of the field.

We hope that players will choose the policy they are most politically aligned with, but we built the game around this one key question:

Will you compromise your own values to win votes?

Since you’re presented with a popularity rating for each policy, the temptation is there to announce a policy to win votes rather than to set out your true vision for the meadow.

You have a strict time limit, and must watch out for the fox, spreading his newspaper and changing the opinions of the sheep!

Everyone on the team worked really hard on the project. It was an intense time, putting long evenings into game dev after our day jobs making games. Working again with Nat, Jules, Joe and Jim, I was reminded how lucky I am to work with such talent, and what it takes to make a game in such a short space of time.

I wrote about the game design in a little more detail over on my blog.

Please give the game a go! It’s not perfect, such is the nature of jam games, but it achieves what we set out to do. For this reason, I am incredibly proud of the work we put in together.