Block Stock Solo

A Backwards Brick Breaker. Reverse Arkanoid. Breakout but you play as the Blocks.

“The best reverse Arkanoid game you’ll play all year!””

Block Stock Solo is a Backwards-Block-Breaker where you have to protect your target from being destroyed by placing blocks on the screen to defend from the ball. Each level has a different block formation with some areas where blocks can’t be placed!

This was the second game I released, a follow-up to Block Stock. In making my two player game single player, I had a few design challenges – namely how the player can ‘win’ a level! I pitted the player against the natural enemy of the block – the paddle! Each hit against the paddle scores the player points. Points unlock levels, and scoring 100 points kills the paddle!

I’m proud of this game, I managed to release a sequel to my first! I’d love to update it with a clearer user flow and tutorial since the reversing of the standard format can be confusing to new users. As I’ve grown as designer I have┬ánoticed a lot of silly decisions I made in this game that I would love to correct one day.