Block Stock

The first thing I put on the app store. A multiplayer version of Block Stock Solo, plays like a mash up of Pong and Arkanoid.

Block Stock was the first game I formally released. It is a two player competitive Brick Breaker where players must build a fortress of blocks to protect their target from the ball. As your opponent’s bricks are destroyed, your own supply of building bricks is increased, so the supply of bricks changes throughout the game. Great 2 player fun on an iPad.

Being the first thing I released, there are a lot of things I’d do differently now. The rules need to be simpler, and there ought to be a cooldown time on block building. I would also tighten up the art style and add more ‘juice’ and vfx.

As the first thing I released, I’m still really proud of the game and would love to release a new version one day with more streamlined gameplay. It taught me what it takes to take a game to the marketplace – and I still wanted to make another one!