Dances With The Elder Gods

Download it from the GGJ Website!

A game made for Global Game Jam 2016, this is a mash up of the puzzle board game Mastermind and Dance Dance Revolution. Be the first to uncover the correct dance combination, or face the wrath of the Elder God!

This game was mentioned in the official Unity blog about the highlights of GGJ16!

This game was made as part of Global Game Jam 16. The theme was ‘Ritual’ and we spent some time discussing game ideas. I was able to merge ideas from our team of ‘repeating’ and ‘dancing’ into a design that mixes arcade dance games with the puzzle of logic and repetition, Mastermind!

Players have to guess the correct dance sequence to appease the Elder God. They have two bars of music to input their guess, then they get feedback on each move. They must remember the correct moves and discover the whole pattern in order to win!

At the end of each round, a loser is eliminated by the Elder God in the most adorable way imaginable. I have Jules and Kylie to thank for making the game look so attractive and Joel for the game development and amazing special touches (such as the wobbly speech bubbles).

There were a few theme modifiers in this jam, one of which required all of the audio to be made with the human voice. All the music and sfx use my own voice as a sound source, and I wrote the audio to this game alongside designing and producing it. Please download it over on the GGJ16 website!