A mobile game where you must quickly remember the locations of the hiding bears before capturing them. Minesweeper meets whack-a-mole!

Every three seconds, bears peekĀ out from behind the trees, before hiding again. The player must remember their locations and tap where they think the bears were, sending a ranger to that position. Getting it right scores a point, but incorrect answers risk losing rangers, meaning less available guesses for the next round!

Any surviving bears move closer to the centre of the forest, where Percy and Poppy are enjoying a nice picnic. If the bears reach the children… well… it’s game over.

Remember the locations, avoid the red herrings and DO watch out for those armoured bears. It’ll take two rangers to bring them down.

I learned from my Block Stock games and made the rules much simpler to understand. The hardest thing to explain was the notion of having a limited supply of rangers (and how you earn more). I managed to solve this problem by showing the rangers on screen at all times, and triggering an animation and sound effect when a new ranger is awarded.

The game is now free so watch the trailer and have a go!

Android | iOS