Super Block Party

I’ve been working with the Sofa Squadron on a local multiplayer game called Super Block Party! It’s a game for up to eight players and it’s currently in development.

We took the game to Games By The Sea and Dare Protoplay and had a brilliant reception from players.

This game is a party platformer that shuns co-operative teamwork. See that spike pit? You can only cross it if you shove your friend in first. See that laser? The only way past is to hide in the gap, but there’s only room for one of you. See that button? Make sure your friend doesn’t get there first.

Players move around the world and have to jump to take advantage of their opponent’s position, or displace their position by shoving. Players drop coins when they are killed by traps, and the objective of the game is to collect them. With quick respawn, players are never out of the game for long and can even try to reclaim their own coins – leading to frantic fun for everyone.

Since you’ve got this far, here’s a link to some footage of the game to give you a feel for how it’s been coming along.