Toadal War

Download it from!

Created for the Rezzed 2016 Game Jam, this is a rhythm game for six players where players must tap their button in time with the music to avoid being thrown off their lillypad. Made in 8 hours, this was chosen as the winning game of the jam. You can watch me present the game to the judging panel below!

(Video starts at the start of our presentation)

I entered the Rezzed 2016 Game Jam with a couple of friends – it was an honour just to be accepted as a competitor. We were given 8 hours to make a game on the theme ‘flux’ with the diversifying themes as ‘waves’, liquid’, and ‘sound’.

I quickly came up with a game design about waves moving and triggering sounds, Jules interpreted the design as ‘toads on a pond’ and Joel fine tuned some of the gameplay elements – a game design was made.

I fell into my designer / producer role and scoped out the key features, before moving to audio design mode to write the music and sound effects. We presented to the judges the next day (see the video) and were awarded the grand prize of some posh new computers!

The judges liked how we’d made something that felt finished and polished in 8 hours. It was a real achievement to make something so small, whilst making it complete. We folded in a bit of feedback on UX and then put the game onĀ, where it went to the #1 spot for local multiplayer games. What an achievement!