Toddle Topplers

Toddle Topplers is a furniture stacking game for two players. Players should arrange the falling furniture into a staircase, or other navigable shape, to reach the cookie jar at the top of the screen.

Made in two days for Ludum Dare 37. Play it here!

The theme for this game jam was “One Room” – quite a broad theme! My thoughts about what could be in this room covered a lot of exciting and ridiculous ideas, but none seemed to be very “room” centric. Most rooms have furniture, however, and furniture needs to be arranged.

Tetris block shaped furniture falls from the top of the screen, and players should arrange the furniture to a climbable shape. The original idea was to make a fast paced puzzle game, but the idea for a more chaotic, physics-based party game developed as the team worked on it. Features such as destructible furniture and toddler combat were dropped as the deadline approached, and I’m very pleased with what we achieved – especially since this was the first game jam for the artist and the developer!

The final hours of the project were spent tweaking the ‘random’ values of the item drops. Random factors were just too random, meaning that no matter how unlikely it was for larger items to fall (these were designed to get in the players’ way) they still fell too often. We rapidly tested and tweaked a set of values to limit the amount of larger items, and limit the total amount of items that could fall. From this point on, we saw far fewer players being drowned in a sea of bathtubs and unable to move. The game was improved.

I had great fun working with the team, leading the project, the design and working on the audio! Please do grab a friend and try it out – we put xBox controller support in just for you.