Wordsworth is an online poetry competition that brings out the inner poet in everyone. Players move words around on a canvas as if they were magnets on a fridge, with the objective to make poems based on a daily theme. They then submit their poems to the community for judgement.

If your poems receive votes you’re awarded coins. Coins are used to unlock sets of new words, enabling you to broaden your vocabulary. Coins also purchase cosmetic upgrades in the form of new fonts and background patterns. These makes your poems stand out from the crowd!

Poets can also look through all of the poems made by the community over the last few days and vote for the poems that they like most. Taking part in the vote also awards the player with a maximum amount of coins each day, so they are incentivised to vote wisely!

The project is currently in a pre-alpha state. I have taken an early version to PocketGamer’s Big Indie Pitch in London and received great feedback (and a baseball) from the judges.

If you want to take a look at where it’s at, there’s a version hosted with a few excuses release notes through this link.

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