Recip-Threes was made pretty quickly in pico-8. I worked on it completely solo, just a little idea I has whilst trying out Pico-8 for fun.

It’s match-three puzzle game set in a very professional kitchen. The objective is to match ONLY the items shown on the recipe board. Every time a vegetable is matched it gets added to the dish, so you’d better be sure you’re not going to set up an unwanted combo.

match three kitchen puzzle game

Each level is hand made and is solvable by logic. The player is ranked at the end of each round based on how many errors they made. A perfect score awards the rank of Head Chef!

I got the game to a place where I am happy with it but it is really difficult to achieve a perfect score. I promise you it is possible though. There is a little more chance involved than I would like when the veg respawn after being cleared: I’d prefer to have extended the grid vertically so it’s easier to predict. Still, for a few days work in a new tool while on holiday I’m happy with it.

You can have a go here (controls are arrow keys and x)

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