This project is very much a work in progress, but it’s nice to share how this project is going! I made this app using with Meteor.js, Fabric.js and it is deployed to Heroku.

The embedded app is pretty buggy and there is no on-boarding experience. However, I’d like to share my experience creating this app with you. It’s been my ‘evenings and weekends’ project for a little while and the first large javascript project I have embarked on.

Important notes

  • The welcome / log in screen is the default set for the Meteor.js framework, I have not yet done a UI pass on this.
  • Please use fake credentials to sign in. Passwords are encrypted but I have more work to do on the app’s security. You do not need a genuine email address.

Design notes

  • The purpose of this app is to create and share poetry with your peers. This is done by collecting packs of “fridge magnet” style words and using them to create poems on a square canvas.
  • Created poems are submitted to a server and users can scroll through all the poems created that day, voting on those which they deem to be the best! Voting and receiving votes awards the user with coins. Coins can be used to customise poems with different fonts and backgrounds styles, making your poems stand out from the crowd.
  • There is a ‘daily theme’ that users are encouraged to keep in mind when submitting and voting on poems. This is used to encourage and foster creativity. Further iterations of this app will have a separate ‘theme’ category for submitted poems, to separate them from non themed poems.
  • A user flow for how I intend the finished alpha to look can be seen through this thumbnail:

There is a video below in which I walk through the main features of the app, to help you get a feel for where it’s at and where it’s headed. There are further release notes along with the app below.

What I’m Proud of

  • The main interactions of the game, creating and submitting poems, have been given the most attention. The faked 3D effect as a selected word scales and shadows become more diffused, and the way words snap back in to place when returned to the dock demonstrate the attention to detail that I take pride in.
  • The up arrow in the middle UI area raises the word dock. Pressing and holding on a word here dismisses the dock and allows the player to intuitively add this word to their poem.
  • In the expanded word dock, players can easily switch between their purchased word banks and purchase new ones using the UI at the top of the screen. They always have quick access to common words by pressing the (placeholder asset) [The] button at the bottom of this page. (Tapping again returns to the previous word bank, remember this is a placeholder asset).
  • The smooth cycle of submitting a poem after pressing the ✔ button. A header drops down to confirm the intent and UI appears from beneath the canvas. This makes for a very fluid UX. I have more work to do on clearing the canvas once the poem has been shared.
  • I am the sole developer on this project and learned to create a prototype social network in javascript. As a self taught developer I am very proud of this accomplishment.

What needs Work

  • The buttons give no user feedback after being pressed.
  • Many of the assets load slowly so you may be left with blank boxes on the submit and shop screens.
  • The poem state is not saved when moving between screens and changing styles. This is not acceptable and I apologise unreservedly.
  • UI designs need implementing on all other screens
  • I’m rather out of my depth working with a Heroku server to store the poems and new poems are sadly not being displayed properly. I have overcome so many challenges to get the app online that I am confident I can resolve this.

Thank you so much for reading this far. The app is embedded below if you would like to experience it for yourself. Please remember it is still in a pre-alpha state and may not work on all browsers.